Gerardo Nunez, Ph.D.

Appointment: Assistant Professor of Horticulture. Principal Investigator

M Z Kadir Roni, Ph.D.

Appointment: Post-doctoral Research Associate

Dylan Kovach, MSc.

Appointment: Biological Scientist II and Operations Manager

Graduate students

Cecilia Heller

Focus: Grafting as a tool for blueberry resilience

Co-advisor: Dr. Jeff Williamson

Sarah Benevenute

Focus: Reproductive physiology in fall-blooming blueberry

Lauren Goldsby

Focus: Nitrogen fertilization rates in evergreen blueberry

Martin Zapien

Focus: Farming applications to concentrate crop load

Co-advisor: Dr. Patricio Munoz

Marlon Retana

Focus: Phosphorus nutrition in blueberry

Undergraduate and visiting students

  • Kiara Bookman
  • Elijah Ohaegbulam
  • Adelyn Richgels
  • Ana Mata-Acosta
  • Grayson Traweek
  • Krishna Arepalli
  • Madelyn Greathouse
  • Valentina Goles

Former lab member

  • Faith Twinamaani. Aviv Cutler. Gabriel Baerga. Marina Curtis. Cristina Gil. Jacob Buck. Giancarlo Buzzi. Kat Condy. Michael Schreiber. Ashley Turner. Camila Arzola. Jesenia Cortes. Dante Leventini. Alec McCloud. Christopher Imler. Mary Dixon. Diego Espinosa. Charlene Mitchell.