Gerardo Nunez, Ph.D.

Appointment: Assistant Professor of Horticulture. Principal Investigator

Dylan Kovach, MSc.

Appointment: Biological Scientist II and Operations Manager

Graduate students

Cecilia Heller

Focus: Grafting as a tool for blueberry resilience

Co-advisor: Dr. Jeff Williamson

Sarah Benevenute

Focus: Reproductive physiology in fall-blooming blueberry

Lauren Goldsby

Focus: Nitrogen fertilization rates in evergreen blueberry

Martin Zapien

Focus: NIR indices to measure blueberry ripening and farming applications to concentrate crop load

Co-advisor: Dr. Patricio Munoz

Marlon Retana

Focus: Phosphorus nutrition in blueberry

Undergraduate students

Faith Twinamaani

Focus: Leaf spectrometry in blueberry

Aviv Cuttler

Foci: Macronutrient deficiencies in blueberry

Kiara Bookman

Foci: Root tracing in blueberry images

Lars Chapman

Focus: Blueberry and azalea root growth

Ana Mata

Focus: Blueberry cuticular conductance

Adelyn Richgels

Focus: Accessory design for NIR measurements

Former lab members

  • Gabriel Baerga. Marina Curtis. Recent graduates (summer 2022)
  • Cristina Gil. Current role. UF Soil and Water Science Dept.
  • Jacob Buck. Current role. Indiana Wesleyan University staff
  • Giancarlo Buzzi. Current role: industry
  • Kat Condy. Current role: Universal Studios horticulture team.
  • Michael Schreiber. Current role: Arbormedics
  • Ashley Turner. Current role: UF School of Dentistry
  • Camila Arzola. Current role: Fall Creek Nursery, OR
  • Jesenia Cortes. Current role: Industry
  • Dante Leventini. Current role: Masters student, UC Davis
  • Alec McCloud. Current role: Industry
  • Christopher Imler. Current role: Extension Educator – Michigan State University
  • Mary Dixon. Current role: graduate student at UF Horticultural Sciences
  • Diego Espinosa. Current role: Head grower, Demeter Foods, Colombia
  • Charlene Mitchell. Current role: Thermo Fisher Sci.